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Is a leading platform for investment in development and management of real estate assets on behalf of international and domestic institutional investors. COIMA SGR, an investment & asset management company, manages 19 real estate investment funds totaling 5.5 billion euros of investment and holds more than 170 properties in its portfolio, including 24 LEED Gold and Platinum certified properties. COIMA REM, a development and property management company, during its 40-year existence has developed and managed real estate totaling more than 5 million square meters. One of the most important projects the platform has co-invested in, co-developed and still manages, is the Porta Nuova project in Milan, one of the most prestigious urban regeneration plans in Europe.


A company authorized in 2007 by Banca d’Italia, operates in Investment & Asset Management. Today, it manages 22 real estate investment funds, approximately Euro 5.8 billion in operational investments and Euro 500 million of acquisitions completed in the last 24 months. It counts 143 properties in its portfolio, with 52 % on GAV LEED certified.


Founded in 1974 by the Catella family along with Domo Media, is a company dedicated to Development & Property Management. COIMA REM’s mission is to represent for the investors a trusted partner for the development and real estate portfolio management, with the believe that a qualified technical expertise is crucial in creating value in investments, and managing operational risks. COIMA REM manages 83 buildings, with 55% of the total surface LEED certified.


Created in 2015, it performs investment and real estate asset management activities, with assets primarily comprised of commercial properties, focused to generate stable, growing and sustainable financial return. It accounts of 54% on GAV LEED Certified, with an additional 6% in the process to be certified.


Consistent with the digitalisation strategy pursued by the group, the specialised company COIMA HT (Human Technology) was founded in the last three years. COIMA HT was created with the objective of developing and integrating digital solutions to enable services dedicated to people's needs, to make access to services offered by buildings and physical spaces easier and more immediate, and to promote and enable the development of individual and community behavioural models that can generate a positive environmental and social impact (ESG Impact), realising a digitalisation paradigm that is scalable both in the building and neighbourhood spheres, starting with Portanuova as a pilot project.

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