New trends on the property market are concentrating more and more attention on product quality, environmental sustainability and the services offered, which necessarily require the rethinking of spaces,construction materials and techniques, and the introduction of new technologies.

Throughout the entire supply chain, the main Investment, Asset, Development and Property Management divisions work in coordination with other functions, including Sustainability & Product Innovation and Procurement, to introduce innovation to support better environmental performances or the achievement of tenants’ needs.

COIMA is structured to manage and guide product innovation and the adoption of the best technologies. Working constantly in close partnership with its main stakeholders, COIMA has created a market monitoring organisation extremely well placed to identify, develop and manage real estate products, which it develops as offices, homes, public spaces, etc. developing the COIMA “Product Blueprints”.

“The next normal in construction”

The existing construction process is characterised by a highly complex and fragmented supply chain, specifically defined and structured for each project.

The construction industry needs to follow the process of innovation already adopted by other sectors in the past, to create standardised, consolidated, integrated construction processes which follow a “product” development model.

Alongside the possible use of timber, there is also the potential for a “modular” construction approach which further reduces emissions and aims to provide a level of building flexibility that responds to the market’s current uncertainties regarding future residential needs (i.e. unit size and type). Modular construction also enables shorter construction times, overall cost savings and less inconvenience for the local community.