Being part of COIMA means:

  • working in an inclusive company, committed to excellence and innovation
  • contributing to the implementation of real estate projects with an extraordinary environmental and social impact, operating an integrated Value Chain model
  • experiencing a dynamic environment and high levels of responsibility, recognition, sharing and a strong sense of belonging
  • undergoing continuous training and on-the-job learning from the best professionals in the field
  • achieving goals supported by development and incentive plans and develop your ambitions
  • achieving work-life balance through a smart working policy focused on mutual trust
  • working in an iconic location with cutting-edge well-being and sustainability features

Equal opportunities, enhancing diversity and inclusion are cultural cornerstones to ensure everyone's personal and professional growth, to fully unleash the potential for innovation and growth for the benefit of the company and individuals, creating the necessary open and inclusive work environment where everyone expresses themselves to the best of their skills and ambitions.

COIMA focuses on inclusion and equal decision-making at all stages of its Human Resources evolutionary cycle, using metrics for monitoring and achieving goals. These include selection, internal training and advancement, promotion of its leadership model at all organisational levels and gender-neutrality of its compensation policies.

Our integrated operating model among our Group companies is based on the Value Chain. It promotes internal mobility and considers diversified career paths, guided by a workforce and skillset analysis useful for continuous personnel development, in line with business needs and relevant expertise. To foster a “High Performing Team” environment, our appraisal system includes technical (“what”) and behavioural (“how”) performance targets, with a focus on leadership, through continuous monitoring and dialogue between managers and resources. This ensures feedback and alignment with the expected results.

COIMA periodically organises update meetings for all employees, at every level, to share results, strategies and plans. This is an important opportunity for recognition and growth for young talent, who are involved as speakers and have a chance to test their technical and communicative skills.

Sustainability is an integral part of COIMA’s culture and plays a relevant role. Each resource is asked to contribute through individual targets to include everyone in understanding and achieving the Group’s ESG objectives.

Performance improvement and individual growth are supported by training provided by courses and other initiatives, using various methods, including traditional, e-learning or shared experience in specific projects.

Balancing the updating of skills without sacrificing physical and emotional well-being is at the base of our way of caring for people.  COIMA adapts to changes in its Industry by being flexible. This prioritises the quality of outcomes over the quantity of hours worked and the quality of human relationships over rigid organisational structures. COIMA is aware it has a positive impact on the social, environmental and economic environment in which it operates, and aspires to being a professional reference for Italian and international talent.