ESG Goals

The COIMA SGR 2030 goals

The 2020-2023 Sustainability Agenda

The table below sets out the goals that COIMA SGR intends to pursue in the coming three-year period and the state of completion of the goals set for 2020. With regard to the goals achieved, during the year a major milestone was reached with the realisation of the decarbonisation plan. At the same time, COIMA SGR has continued its commitment in relation to LEED and WELL certifications, which have been introduced for all new developments and will be implemented for every future development where relevant. Moreover, all the goals set during 2020 have been achieved or launched, and additional ESG goals have been introduced. The three year goals were updated during 2021 in response to the demands of the market and stakeholders, and were also classified in relation to the material topics identified.

E Energy efficiency and decarbonisation 2021Analysis of buildings’ environmental performances, technical and economic evaluation of possible areas for improvement in relation to the EU decarbonisation objectives. Completed
2021 - 2022 Definition of plan for decarbonisation of the portfolio. Ongoing [Definition of decarbonisation plan completed for 50% circa of the portfolio]
From 2022 Monitoring and reporting of the results achieved with the decarbonization plan Ongoing
From 2021Integration of emissions assessment and monitoring process during construction and requalification. Ongoing
Scheduling depending on the actual building restructuring processApplication of LEED and WELL sustainability certifications of redeveloped or newly constructed buildings. Ongoing [>80% of buildings LEED and WELL certified and precertified]
2021-23Inclusion in the investment strategy of all Funds of the decarbonisation plan complete with the costs and the expected effects on the portfolio with regard to emissions. Ongoing
2021-23100% coverage of the collection and reporting of GHG emissions in Scope 1 and 2; potable and nonpotable water consumption and urban waste generated by all directly managed properties. Completed
2021-23100% coverage of the collection and reporting of GHG emissions in Scope 3; potable and non-potable water consumption and urban waste generated by all properties in the portfolio (tenants’ consumption figures). Ongoing [70% of Scope 3 emissions reported]
2021-23>50% coverage of the GAV of the properties managed with technologies for the automatic acquisition of GHG emissions in Scope 1 and 2. Ongoing
E Protection and conservation of ecosystems 2022 - 24Implementation of at least 30% green areas in all urban developments Ongoing
Efficient use of resources and circularity2024Mapping and collection of suppliers’ ESG performance data To be started
S People’s health, safety and wellbeing 2022-2024Achieve Great Place to Work certification To be started
Development and promotion of human capital2023Achieve at least 40 hours of training per capita Ongoing
2022Assign ESG objectives in COIMA employees’ MBOs Ongoing
2023Develop a “Diversity & Inclusion” plan Ongoing
Inclusive and sustainable communities2021-22Meetings with the main tenants of buildings to analyse buildings’ ESG performances and identify possible actions to reduce environmental impacts Ongoing
From 2021Launch of monitoring and measurement of the social impacts generated in urban regeneration projects Ongoing [Groundwork on planning an urban regeneration project]
G Innovation 2022-2023 Development of a platform for the digitalisation of all property data and ESG reporting data1 Ongoing
Transparency and governancen.s. COIMA SGR Annual Sustainability Report Ongoing
From 2021 Development and integration of data governance in ESG disclosure Ongoing
2022 - 2023 40% GAV classified under Art.8 and Art.9 SFDR and 40% of fund raising classified under Art.8 and Art.9 SFDR Ongoing [More than 25% of fund raising classified under Art.8 and Art.9]
2022-2023 Identification of key stakeholders and modes of engagement with them, to be formally established in a specific policy Ongoing
2023 GRESB rating for 40% of the COIMA SGR portfolio Ongoing [38% of COIMA SGR portfolio subjected to GRESB rating]

1 Goal amended compared to the 2020 sustainability report and previously entitled “introduction of automatic systems for acquisition of the environmental data of buildings.”