The digitalization of the sustainability management

In the last few years, COIMA has focused its attention on the adoption of technological and process innovations, especially with regard to the digitalisation of buildings and services. Digitalisation will be the keystone of accurate, fast analysis of performance using integrated systems in real time, and the adoption of Predictive Maintenance corrective measures to further perfect the performance of the assets concerned.

The measurement, monitoring and improvement of “Scope 3” emissions in the supply chain requires wide-ranging changes to current approaches to supplier selection and management, and work and dialogue with tenants, as well as new analytical skills within the teams concerned.

2020 saw the development of a strategic plan for the introduction of tools for the automatic collection of environmental data from the buildings managed. Through the implementation of this project, it will be possible to report buildings’ performance and also to produce in-depth energy analyses of buildings. The plan for introducing the automatic acquisition of environmental data is expected to cover >50% of portfolio GAV within the next three years.

Digitalisation: a tool for enabling people-centric services

In 2020, COIMA founded a new company, COIMA Human Technology, in response to the growing need to add digital experiences to traditional property products, historically perceived as merely “physical”.

COIMA Human Technology was created with the mission of developing and integrating digital solutions to enable services tailored to people’s needs, that are scalable to a building or district level.
The company’s mission is to serve both the COIMA group and the market by developing people-centric projects, where the conception, design and rationalisation process starts by first identifying the “Customer Journey”.

Technology is “integrated” and is put in place solely to satisfy the needs and expectations of the end user.