Riccardo Catella Foundation

Over 10 years of projects for sustainable urban development in Milan.

COIMA is also committed to supporting the communities within which it works through the action of Fondazione Riccardo Catella, a registered no-profit institution established in 2005 with the mission of improving the quality of urban life and promoting the culture of sustainability within the community.

The Fondazione Riccardo Catella focuses in particular on environmental sustainability and social inclusion through civic-cultural and research activities that aim to engage with the public and raise awareness of the importance of green urban spaces, the promotion of public areas and the adoption of sustainable behaviours in daily life.

The Foundation

Disseminates a culture of sustainability in the region

Develops civic projects for the optimization and enhancement of the urban environment

Promotes a responsible and sustainable approach toward urban development

Fosters an open collaboration with the public and non-profit sector

Under an innovative public-private partnership with the City of Milan and COIMA, the Fondazione has been responsible for the management, security, maintenance and cultural programme of the BAM (Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano) park since July 2019. The BAM programme comprises a large number of events: cultural guided walks, nature workshops and sporting activities, with a continual search for new formats that refresh the cultural institutions’ offerings, closing the gap between platform and audience, and new targets, including teenagers, a group who have been particularly hard hit by the psychological effects of the pandemic.


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