We have developed the decarbonization plan for more than 50 percent of the portfolio under management, with the objective to align the properties under the Paris Agreement decarbonization pathway. All our new products under construction target the alignment with at least one of the European environmental taxonomy objectives, qualifying this activity as sustainable investment.

Stefano Corbella

Sustainabilty Officer, Sustainable Innovation Committee Secretary

Material issues include the most relevant social, environmental and governance aspects. This is seen from a dual perspective - impact for the Group, and relevance for the external framework and stakeholders.
Material issues are standardised at Group level under the Global Reporting Initiative requirements.

An extensive, multilevel analysis, also involving external and internal stakeholders, was undertaken to identify the most significant impacts for COIMA. Three clusters of impacts - very significant, significant and insignificant -, derived from the probability and gravity of the impacts themselves, emerged from the stakeholder engagement activities and the analyses performed. These were then submitted to the management for their consideration in two specific meetings. The impacts which emerged as very significant and significant in the final phase were reconciled with the more specific material topics, which were found to be in line with 2021.

COIMA’s response to the challenges of the scenario
Tabella temi materiali