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The way we create our built environment is in constant evolution, now more than ever before. We have moved from an era of an individualistic mindset and developing singular, iconic and sometimes isolated buildings, to a more collective mindset focusing on how we must create communities and districts that enrich the lives of all, preserving environmental and social conditions for future generations.

Manfredi Catella

We often think of the ‘Environmental’ in ESG, and while it is very important to understand the environmental impact of a building over the course of its development and lifecycle, we need to think beyond this definition of sustainability and ask what it means in practice for an asset and even more so when developing portions of cities. How will the users inhabit the space, how will the design foster collaboration and innovative working practices, how can technology be a facilitator and not an inhibitor, how will citizens use the public space and how this complements the real estate uses around it to create a living, inclusive community; a ‘Human City’ which is brought to life by its people. All of these should be key metrics to ensure a development is as relevant in the decades to come as it is at the point of delivery.

Our new series, Urban Stories, is designed to provide a communication platform for the leading voices of these major challenges during this pivotal moment for real estate. Urban Stories is our contribution to a broader and inclusive discussion about how to make our cities better, also drawing on our experience in using these principles to create value for all stakeholders who will benefit from this regeneration.

Manfredi Catella
COIMA Founder and CEO

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