Property & Facility Management

Maintaining excellence over time by managing buildings with a view to minimizing environmental impact and maximizing efficiency.

The new market trends confirm the extent to which the tenants requirements and our clients are changing. We work with them on a daily basis on preparing the best strategies to optimize and enhance the assets through the sustainable management of resources and the supply of services.

Paola Visani

Head of Finance & Operations, COIMA REM

COIMA Property Management works with clients and investors who require highly specialized services in the management of complex real estate assets, with the objective of maintaining and improving the value of the assets over time, ensuring the achievement and objectives and results in the context of management and energy efficiency, including the reduction of risks associated with real estate investments.

COIMA’s approach is based upon a careful analysis of the status of the building and, in agreement with the owner, the definition of a management strategy with a view to improving the performance, technological innovation and efficiency of the building. This approach allows for the attainment of positive and satisfactory results for both the owners and tenants in terms of profitability, maintenance and creation of value in connection with the investment and high quality standards.

In particular, COIMA focuses its attention on Value Added activities aimed at pursuing environmental improvement and energy performance objectives, such as: