Asset Management

Sustainability for COIMA represents an essential element, not only for the development process of new buildings, but also in the management of the existing ones. Long ago we engaged in deep analysis on the managed portfolio, aimed at identifying the actions needed to achieve the European decarbonization objectives.

Matteo Ravà

Head of Fund & Asset Management

Technological innovation and high sustainability standards are now fundamental to property management - they require increasingly complex management, and include specialist areas such as energy management, the development of services for residents, and the development of IT assets capable of supporting this complexity (management software development, data collection, analysis and management, transition from BIM design to BIM management, selection and monitoring of KPIs).

With the aim of maximising assets’ efficiency, COIMA is constantly working to introduce management solutions that have positive effects on reducing energy use. The reduction of environmental impacts is also a way of reducing buildings’ operating costs and thus the overall cost of occupation.

The achievement of high energy and environmental performance delivers on economic targets, by reducing energy and other operating costs, and also extends the average lifetime of systems by reducing their wear over time. During 2020, priority was given to work to calibrate systems and to raise tenants’ awareness regarding to their operating parameters, to ensure consumption levels remained commensurate with the number of people actually in buildings and their modes of use.

In response to changing needs with regard to both living and working spaces which will emerge in the light of the situation created by COVID-19, COIMA will increasingly make its skills and expertise available to implement innovative, effective solutions.